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Crosseyed and Painless (Les Perles du Rock, 26)

Encore d'autres morceaux pour ces temps de folie! Les magouilles et les délires des sbires de la CIA!

Talking Heads, Crosseyed And Painless (1980)

"Lost my shape
Trying to act casual!
Can't stop
I might end up in the hospital
I'm changing my shape
I feel like an accident
They're back!
To explain their experience
Isn't it weirdn
Looks too obscure to me
Wasting away
And that was their policy
I'm ready to leave
I push the fact in front of me
Facts lost
Facts are never what they seem to be
Nothing there!
No information left of any kind
Lifting my head
Looking for danger signs
There was a line
There was a formula
Sharp as a knife
Facts cut a hole in us [...]" (D. Byrne, B. Eno, Talking Heads)


"Take a look at these hands
Take a look at these hands
The hand speaks
The hand of a government man
Well, I'm a tumbler
Born under punches
I'm so thin

All I want is to breathe
I'm too thin
Won't you breathe with me?
Find a little space
So we move in-between
In-between it
And keep one step ahead of yourself

Don't you miss it, don't you miss it
Some of you people just about missed it
Last time to make plans
And I'm a tumbler
I'm a government man [...]" (D. Byrne, B. Eno, Talking Heads)

Jacques Davier (Mars 2022)

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